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Engine remapping

Here at Cappa Tints and Towbars in Derby one of the additional services we offer is engine remapping. We make this available to vehicle owners across a wide area including Sheffield, Coventry and Leicester. 


We use the latest engine remapping equipment to modify your car's onboard computer (often called an Electronic Control Unit, or ECU). The aim of this is to affect your vehicle's behaviour, particularly with regard to its power and performance. If you are concerned your car is not driving optimally, or you simply want to get the best out of your vehicle, why not get in touch and book our engine remapping service in?

How it works and the benefits

To perform an engine remap, a new software program is written onto the engines ECU. Think of this as a way of tuning your vehicle. It is usually done by plugging a laptop into your car's OBD port. Here at Cappa Tints and Towbars in Derby, we have a great team of skilled technicians who can undertake this for you. Engine remapping provides many benefits including:​

  • Increased power and torque

  • Better performance

  • Better driveability

  • Improved acceleration response

  • Improved fuel economy

  • Easier towing

Professional car mechanic working in auto repair service

What do our customers say about us?


Brilliant service. Needed an urgent install of a tow bar and he pulled out all of the stops. Amazing job and we will be getting him back to install some front sensors. Lifetime guarantee on bar and electrics. Magnificent service.

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Get the best out of your vehicle with engine remapping. Call Cappa Tints and Towbars in Derby today

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