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A man is Installing the camper trailer padlock during camping in summer

Dedicated Wiring Kits

Discover the perfect wiring solution for your vehicle's lights and signals at Cappa Tints and Towbars.

Our extensive range of dedicated wiring kits ensures optimal visibility on the road for the safety of you and others. Located in Derby, we extend a warm welcome to customers from Nottingham, Mansfield, Chesterfield, and surrounding areas.

Give us a call, and our expert team will guide you to the best wiring kit for your specific vehicle needs. At Cappa, we prioritize safety and functionality to enhance your driving experience. Contact us today and let us illuminate the way for you on the roads of Derby and beyond.

Dedicated is better than universal

A dedicated wiring kit is designed to work with your vehicle, not just any vehicle. This also means that your vehicle warranty won't be affected the way it would if you had a universal one fitted. Once it's been set up and connected, your vehicle will know that it's towing and can sync your systems.

  • Lighting and brake electrics: This can cut off fog lights to reduce glare and help improve speed and efficiency

  • Trailer stability: This is an important safety feature that helps with handling round corners and at high speeds

  • Suspension and parking aids: Your systems will account for the extra weight and turn off parking aids when towing

  • Cruise control and ABS: This will account for your tow, setting large breaking distances aiding lane changing etc.

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Ask our team in Derby about our dedicated wiring kits. Call Cappa Tints and Towbars today

07944 459988

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